About Us

About Us

We promote and support our local patriot community. The PEN supports Veterans, active military, law enforcement, first responders and all American Patriots in business. We live and work in the Inland Northwest and we are committed to providing our Patriot community with this valuable service. The Patriot Economic Network was born out of our need to find local goods and services while at the same time supporting fellow Patriots in business.

Our directory is designed to create a contact point for the local Patriot community.  All of our business advertisers are established licensed businesses, unless otherwise stated. They agree to follow the principal statements below.

  • I am a Constitutional Patriot that is committed to applying my Constitutional principles to all my business practices.
  • I support the rights of all Americans no matter what race, religion, gender, political affiliation or age.
  • I pledge to honor all my business agreements and provide quality and reliable products or services.
  • I desire to connect with people from all backgrounds in my community and to demonstrate high ethical standards when conducting business.
  • I aspire to unify and network with local American Patriots in business within the PEN Community. Working to help the PEN grow into a powerful and influential organization.


Our network directory contains vital links to web pages and the social media links of our advertisers; affording the readers detailed information on Patriot businesses and organizations available in their area.  We look forward to serving you and pray that this network serve as a vital contact point for interaction within local Patriot communities.

If you are a qualifying business not currently listed and agree with the above statements and would like to join our network, please see our “Join PEN” page for more information.

Read Disclaimer:

The Patriot Economic Network (PEN) is an independent, nonpartisan, nondiscriminatory organization and not under the headship of any other  organization, corporation, political group, society or church. The PEN was created solely to promote and support local Patriot businesses and organizations.

Responsibility of Advertisers and Consumers:

  • The PEN does not specifically endorse a certain business, organization, service, product or employee/s of any of the businesses that advertise in our Network.
  • The PEN is not liable for the performance of any of the services, products or employees of any of the businesses/organizations that advertise in our Network.  Then PEN is also not liable for the results of any content of information that is provided by any of our advertisers.
  • Please use practical judgment in evaluating each business/organization prior to any business transaction, information obtained or support.
  • User agrees to hold harmless the PEN for any and all actions, claims and/or damages resulting from the use of any of our advertiser’s goods, services or information.
  • The PEN reserves the right to post any information on its network directory pages it deems necessary.
  • The Patriot Economic Network is not to be used for acquiring mailing lists or for solicitation purposes.

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