Frequently Asked Questions?

People prefer online and mobile friendly solutions for information. So there is no printed directory at this time. A printed directory would be considered only if there are substantial requests from the patriot communities.

Yes – there are a few national patriot networks but not with the focus, functionality and support that’s needed at a local level. We created a network out of a serious need to find and support local patriot businesses and organizations.

Our members/advertisers are referred to us by other known patriots and are involved in their communities. Every advertiser is asked to agree to the PEN’s “Statement of Agreement” and approve of our “Disclaimer” before their listing is added to the network.

Please contact us for up to date pricing at (208) 818-7650 or email . You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for quality online/mobile advertising and it’s our goal to make this service affordable for all size businesses and organizations.

The PATRIOT ECONOMIC NETWORK (PEN) is an independent, nonpartisan organization and not under the headship of any other specific organization, corporation, political group, society or church. The PEN was created solely to promote and support local patriot businesses and organizations.

We realize you are busy, so we will keep the registration process simple. We ask that you read the “Statement of Agreement” and “Disclaimer” page and agree with them before you call or email us for a business listing. If you agree, we may send you a link if we need additional information.  We then obtain basic information from your business or organization to create your business listing, receive payment from a link sent to you and then enter your listing on the network. There may be occasions when it is necessary to send you a link to enter all of your information on the network website in order to join.

Please read PEN’s “Disclaimer Page.”  We appreciate you letting us know either by phone or email of any unacceptable work or behavior you have witnessed. We also monitor any reviews listed on the network. We will take your experience into consideration for evaluation of the status of that business or organization. If we get credible complaints about a particular business/organization, we will remove them from the network ASAP. Again, please read the PEN’s “Disclaimer” page that has additional information.

We ask that businesses have a business license number.  We also understand that there are established businesses that operate as Independent Contractors, such as some real estate brokers, etc. If you fall into this category, simply request to be listed as an “Independent Contractor.” To assure that valid businesses and services are listed in the network, we reserve the right to validate business licenses and request documentation or other references to complete our validation process.

Obviously, members/advertisers will get different responses from advertising in the network depending upon their type of business or organization. Premium/featured advertising, and the amount of time they have been advertising in the network will help determine results. We monitor the activity received on your listing and you can have access to that information.

We promote the network on social media, with local organizations, local chambers, community clubs, at local events and at churches. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in advertising, so please let others know about us.

No worries. Although we have major categories of business/services listed, we can always add a category or keywords to your listing that will help consumers find your unique product/s, programs, or services.

Absolutely! The network can link to your official website and all of your social media.