Benefits to Advertisers

  • Affordable, local, mobile friendly, easy to use Network.
  • Links to your existing website or any of your social media accounts.
  • Direct contact with potential customers/clients. No cost for leads.
  • Part of an organized, growing and influential Network that practices the highest standards in business.
  • Greater ability to receive and display reviews than typical social media sites.
  • In-person marketing to area organizations, and at local events – with promotional materials.
  • Online newsletter and social media marketing campaigns, driving individuals to the Network.
  • Networking with patriots to promote the patriot movement (PEN).
  • Business listing on PEN can improve your website’s placement on Search Engine results. Improving your sites SEO.
  • No distracting pop-up advertisements ever listed on your directory page.
  • Business tax deduction for independent business owners.

Benefits to End User

  • Supporting an organized Patriot Community of businesses and organizations.
  • Providing opportunities for keeping more dollars working within our Patriot communities and making the local economy stronger.
  • Easy to use Network. Search by category or key words.
  • Links from the network to the business advertiser’s websites, Facebook or other social media.
  • Direct contact with businesses for immediate response.
  • No distracting pop-up advertisements listed on any directory page.