Humbleweed, the place to find many tools to improve and/or restore your health. Ingri’s passion has always been to help people discover that healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive since the ‘weeds’ used for both healing and food grow all around us. However, sharing with people this truth doesn’t change the fact that their lives are busier than ever, and most people revert to their former lifestyles for comfort from the stress they are feeling.

Ingri’s passion is to teach people about the miraculous healing properties of our own bodies. Ingri’s writing, classes and consultations reveal that, if given the proper nutrients, herbs, organic foods, exercise and detoxification regimes, the body will heal itself naturally. Ingri also is a patient rights advocate and has advocated for numerous patients while under allopathic care.

Feeling a sense of purpose for your life and being positive about our collective futures is of vital importance to your health and well being. Humbleweed’s website can be a tool to help you through the changes. Please visit their official website at or call Ingri Cassel, Clinical Herbalist 208-719-0407

Ingri also has a weekly national talk radio show, Immunize Wizely on Saturdays, 5-7 PT on Republic Broadcasting Network – Feel free to call into her weekly show to ask questions.

One amazing product that they offer is the highest quality Essiac Tea on the market today.