Introducing myReplacebook:

myReplacebook was launched to combat the growing censorship, filtering, social engineering, and manipulation by Big-Tech media companies. The site is geared toward “liberty-minded” Americans that are frustrated and tired of all the censorship and manipulation. Please visit us directly at and consider joining today!

We simply cannot allow these liberal Big-Tech companies to continue to silence our voices, especially those of patriotic and conservative groups and individuals.

myReplacebook will not directly censor or moderate any content (except for only the most serious violations or illegal activity as described in the Terms of Service), but leaves it up to the entire community.  Members have the ability to report inappropriate behavior and content such as personal attacks, threats, and bullying, lewd and pornographic material, exploitation of children, and illegal content that violate the Terms of Service.  With enough reports by the community, that member and/or content is automatically removed and placed in a queue for further review and action.

There are many active groups on myReplacebook. Please check them out at